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The provision of user friendly safe and aesthetically pleasing parking is a key factor in the success of any commercial development. However, the Multi Storey Car Park (MSCP) is a unique building with a range of specific problems that need to be addressed.

MSCP's are built using varying methods of construction with cost often being the primary consideration in their design. Accordingly, suitable protective measures are often sacrificed at construction phases, ignoring the ethos of life cycle costing principles.

The car park as a structure is unique. Extremes of cyclical loading, often on a daily basis, occur as the car park is filled on a morning and emptied by evening. Lacking a stable heat source, the structure feels the full force of daily and seasonal temperature variations.

Pitchmastic PmB's DeckProtect+ range of products has over the years, become the UK's most widely used car park protective coating. Deriving from a unique and constantly evolving hybrid technology philosophy, DeckProtect+ combines MMA, Epoxy, Polyurethane and Polyaspartic technology. Pitchmastic PmB acknowledge that a one size fits all approach will never comply with every clients requirements, and therefore endeavour to ensure specifications are bespoke to individual car park structures.

We understand that strong and unpleasant odours in a live parking environment are usually undesirable. We also understand that fast curing coatings keep disruption down to a minimum. From a maintenance point of view, we understand easy to clean surfaces keep your car park looking great - hybrid technology ticks all of the boxes!

Our products are suitable to be applied across a variety of substrates and in a wide range of climates.


  • Multi-Storey Car Parks (Top & Intermediate Levels)
  • Turning Circles
  • Ramps

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